Simon Nicholson

Co-Director of the Institute for Carbon Removal Law and Policy

Simon Nicholson is Associate Professor of Global Environmental Politics in the School of International Service at American University. He also co-founded and serves as co-director of the Institute for Carbon Removal Law and Policy, and is acting as his school’s Interim Associate Dean for Research.

Professor Nicholson’s research, teaching, and public and policy engagement focus on global environmental governance and the opportunities and challenges for environmental protection associated with emerging technologies. He has particular expertise and interest in climate change response technologies and activities, including so-called solar geoengineering and carbon dioxide removal approaches.

Nicholson was awarded his PhD from American University and holds undergraduate and masters degrees in law and economics from the University of Waikato in his native New Zealand. He co-edits the One Planet book series through MIT Press and is a regular commentator on climate change issues in print and broadcast media.

Current Projects

• A range of research and programming projects through the Institute for Carbon Removal Law and Policy, focused around characterizing just and equitable carbon removal approaches + centering environmental justice considerations in carbon removal activities