Water, Oceans, Fisheries

Our projects focus on the vast network of oceans and waterways, which are host to numerous resources that are vital to sustaining life on Earth, yet they are also some of the most threatened ecosystems.

  • Marine-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal: The Promise and Peril

    On Thursday, February 8th, the Institute of Responsible Carbon Removal convened a brown-bag presentation and discussion featuring Dr. Sara Nawaz, the Director of Research at American University’s Institute for Carbon Removal Law and Policy. Dr. Nawaz delivered a presentation entitled “Marine-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal: Promise and Peril,” which was moderated by Dr. Simon Nicholson. The […]
  • State of Deception Report Released on Mining and Water Rights in El Salvador

    On Thursday, January 11, MiningWatch Canada hosted a press release event presenting the findings from the ‘State of Deception’ fact-finding report on the detained water defenders, mining, and the state of human rights under the Bukele regime in El Salvador.  The report is co-authored by Robin Broad, a research professor in Environment, Development, and Health […]
  • Article: Assessing learning outcomes of a role-playing simulation in international environmental [...]

    American University School of International Service Professor Dr. Ken Conca and colleagues Dr. Abby Ostovar and Ratia Tekenet have taken role-playing simulations beyond fun and games (sorry, Dungeons and Dragons fans) and right into the classroom. Their new paper, “Assessing the Learning Outcomes of a Role-Playing Simulation in International Environmental Politics” discusses the shifts in […]
  • Book: Advanced Introduction to Water Politics

    American University School of International Service Professor Ken Conca has published a book on global water governance called Advanced Introduction to Water Politics. Accessible yet rigorous, this book starts by asking, “what makes water political?” It then dives into the deep importance of water in the daily lives of communities by discussing its intersections with […]