About Us

About Us

CECE’s objective is to work with students, faculty, and community partners to chart a long-term vision and audacious roadmap for meeting the environmental challenges that lie ahead of our country and global community. We aim to catalyze scholarship and efforts that reach across disciplines to drive action and public impact.

Our Team

Dana R Fisher

Dana R. Fisher


Kyra Jones

Kyra Jones

Operations Manager

Abeer Y Al-Eryani

Postdoctoral Fellow

Magnolia Mead

CECE Summer Fellow & Research Assistant

Chris Jayko

W. Chris Jayko

CECE Lab Program Manager

Rachel Weiss

Rachel Weiss

Multiscale RECIPES Program Manager

Julie A. Gonzalez

Environmental Justice Postdoctoral Fellow

Oluwabamise Melody Olowojoba

CECE Summer Fellow

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For more information, or to schedule a meeting, please write to cece@american.edu.

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