Graduate Certificate in Environment, Community, & Equity

CECE, EDH, and SIS are excited to announce the Graduate Certificate in Environment, Community, & Equity (Starting Fall 2024). 

The Graduate Certificate in Environment, Community, & Equity will equip students with knowledge and preparation to address a growing set of challenges at the intersection of environmental protection, community resilience, and equity.  

Students completing the program will become conversant with the leading theories and the connections between environmental change and environmental justice. Students will be equipped with foundational understanding of major areas of focus around environmental equity, including scholarly and policy debates. They will be prepared to work across a range of settings that aim to integrate protection of the environment with equity and inclusion, including international organizations, governments, and nongovernmental organizations.  

Enrollment for the Graduate Certificate in Environment, Community, & Equity opens for the Fall term of 2024. This program is accessible to students currently pursuing graduate degrees at American University, as well as individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution. Students in SPA, Kogod, SOC, WCL, CAS, SOE, and SIS will also find that this certificate rounds out their training in environmental policy, sustainability, climate communication, and sustainability management.  

The certificate will provide a credential that signals a demonstrated understanding of the theory, policy, and ethical practice of environmental equity. Students must complete a 12-credit curriculum and co-curricular components.