Garima Sharma

Assistant Professor, Department of Management

Garima’s research focuses on sustainability, systems, and tensions of purpose and profits. Her research has explored how businesses and its decision makers think and organize business practices in order to navigate such tensions. Further, sustainability issues such as climate and poverty can neither be addressed in silos, nor addressed by looking only at past data and solutions. In a parallel stream of work, Garima’s research focuses on understanding how researchers and managers reach across research-practice boundaries to co-create solutions that are forward looking. Garima’s research has been published in top-tier management journals, and she is the Associate Editor at the Journal of Management Studies.

Current Projects

• In a five-year project at the Lab at Innovation North, Garima is studying how researchers and managers can co-create processes for systems-based innovation. Systems-based innovation considers the interests of all systems actors, not just business, and has been largely used outside of business. This project is creating a tool called the Innovation Compass, which will help businesses to adopt systems-based innovation processes

• Drawing on the data collected through participant observation at a social innovation lab in Canada, Garima is studying disruption and resilience of organizations that work toward systems change

• Drawing on two waves of ethnographic data from a slum in India, Garima is studying equity, justice and climate issues faced by slum dwellers.


Research Partner at Innovation North

Associate Editor, Journal of Management Studies