Climate and Sustainability, Environmental Equity and Justice

Remote Sensing and Knowledge Co-Production in Northern Haiti 

The second research project from the Faculty Research Incubator Program comes from a collaboration across the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of International Service. Entitled “Remote Sensing and Knowledge Co-Production in Northern Haiti,” this project by Dr. Michael Alonzo (CAS) and Dr. Scott Freeman (SIS) focuses on co-producing knowledge about land and environment by using remote sensing technologies paired with experiential knowledge from farmers in the Haitian countryside. The research aims to understand the dynamics of rapid anthropogenic environmental change as well as continuous and hard-to-detect environmental change over time in an area with little documented environmental history. Ultimately, the goal of this research is to provide Haitian grassroots organizations with information on both long-term impacts of climate conditions as well as distinct disturbances aligned with political or social changes like displacement, land grabs, or migration.