Natalia Piland

CECE Collaborating Researcher, Interdisciplinary Scientist

Natalia C. Piland is a collaborating researcher with CECE and an interdisciplinary scientist with the USDA Forest Service. Natalia’s research focuses on the question, how do we create a better world together?, bringing multi-, inter-, and trans- disciplinary methods to describe who the “we,” the “world,” the “better”, and the “together.” As a researcher in the Forest Service Stewardship Science team, she is leading research on conceptual understandings of systems of stewardship, evaluation of DEIJ initiatives in green jobs, and organizational change over time. Before joining the Forest Service, Natalia worked for The Nature Conservancy’s New York Cities Team, where she supported and led research and communications on urban forest spatial distribution, the intersection between human and ecological dimensions of the urban forest and climate change, and the role of coalitions and collaboration in supporting an equitable urban forest. Natalia has published on public participation, urban resident perspectives on birds, tropical ecology, science education, and biocultural and plural approaches to understanding environmental change.


USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station

Sociology and Anthropology & Environmental Studies, Carleton College

Tropical Rivers Lab, Florida International University