Maya Livio

Assistant Professor, Climate, Environmental Justice, Media and Communication

Maya Livio is Assistant Professor of Climate, Environmental Justice, Media and Communication and Associate Director of the Center for Environmental Filmmaking. She researches the contact zones between ecosystems and technological systems, blending scholarly research with multimodal practice. Her current projects apply intersectional feminist and justice-driven lenses to the media technologies used for mitigating biodiversity loss, such as camera traps, digital twins, and AI for conservation.

Livio holds a PhD from the University of Colorado-Boulder, an MA from the University of Amsterdam, and was a Resident at Caltech. Prior to her time at AU, she was Curator of an annual international media festival at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, where she commissioned and programmed exhibitions and discussions on environmental media and digital justice. She was also Curator of the Media Archaeology Lab, a collecting institution for media technologies with an environmental ethos of repair.

Current Projects

  • A feature film and paper on the increased use of AI for avian conservation through the lens of queer ecology
  • A multimodal research project on camera trapping and community science in Los Angeles
  • A book on digital conservation


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