Ezra Rosser

Professor of Law, WCL Program on Environmental and Energy Law

Ezra Rosser, a law professor at American University, is the author of A Nation Within: Navajo Land and Economic Development (Cambridge University Press, 2021). His research focuses on poverty and tribal economic development. Ezra has been a visiting professor at Ritsumeiken University and at Université Lyon III, a 1665 Fellow at Harvard University, a visiting scholar at Yale Law School, and a Westerfield Fellow at Loyola University New Orleans. Ezra has an MPhil from the University of Cambridge (UK) in Land Economics (2004), a J.D. from Harvard Law School (2003), and a BA in Economics and English from Yale University (2000). He is a co-author of Poverty Law, Policy, and Practice (2014) (with Brodie, Pastore, and Selbin), co-editor of  The Poverty Law Canon: Exploring Major Cases (2016) (with Failinger) and of Tribes, Land, and The Environment  (2012) (with Krakoff), and editor of Holes in the Safety Net: Federalism and Poverty (2018).

Current Projects

  Article looking at Hawaii Housing Authority v. Midkiff, an eminent domain case that is traditionally thought of as an anti-oligarchy case but that also involves the taking of Native land

• Working on a few chapters in the next edition of the Cohen Handbook of Federal Indian Law


Visiting Professor, Georgetown University Law Center (Spring 2024)